Council of Two

Intensive or hourly:  I am offering A Council of Two as a three hour  intensive in Earth Spirit Council House or on an hourly basis, weekly, or bi-monthly, or a combination of both.

Council of Two honors the dreams, stories, events, lineage, and questions that you are carrying, or perhaps, that are carrying you.

Together, we acknowledge Mystery as a being in her own right and we court her with an attitude of deep respect and reverence.

Council of Two works with the major spiritual issues of your life, working to orient to your soul’s calling and ways to live it.

We proceed with the understanding that what we do may have been set in motion by the needs of the community, the ancestors, our kindred animals, the earth, and future beings.

Council of Two asks how Spirit is working in our lives.  How the events of our lives can be understood as a story.  How our personal story may be an invitation or a calling.  How  events have shaped us for our particular contributions to life.

For intensives some portion of the three hours will be in silence and, weather permitting, out on the land.  Because we’re walking an unscripted and unknown path, we will improvise with conversation, writing, journeying, oracles, and ritual.

All the work conducted at Earth Spirit Council House is based on the following understandings.

  • That we are born with the potential to live as full human beings. Realizing that potential is a lifelong path that asks us to develop the capacity to live in relation to our families and communities, our ancestors, and the visible and invisible non-human realms.
  • That all of these realms are in communication and speak to us through our dreams, lineage, stories, and life events.
  • That we cannot know the ineffable, living Mystery that connects all life, but we can enter into it. Mystery is speaking to us and through us, even at times through the wounds sustained to our souls.
  • That the unacknowledged wounds we carry from our ancestral lineage are an important source of our current suffering and gifts.
  • That while the work of healing is often an individual effort, in order to be truly healing it must be undertaken on behalf of ourselves, our families, our communities, and all beings.

If you are interested in speaking to me about Council of Two, I suggest an hour sit down where we get acquainted and see if this  fits for you.  If so, we can set up a three-hour block of time to begin the work.  The fee for the Council of Two Intensive is $250. and hourly work is $100. an hour.   Please see the About page for some of my story.