Full Moon Dakini 2017 Invitation

. . . the Dakini is a compelling icon of untamed female freedom . . . releasing blockages in the energy field and melting frozen patterns so that the door of the mind is suddenly ajar and something new can enter. Vicki Noble

Full Moon Dakini Mandala Practice 2017
Earthspirit Council House (formerly Women’s Temple)
Collinsville, Connecticut

The Dakini is the mysterious Sky Going Goddess of Tibetan Buddhism. In peaceful and wrathful emanations, she heals by transforming the poisons of aggression, greed, addiction, jealousy, self hate and delusion into the medicines of clarity, generosity, warm presence, spontaneous accomplishment and spacious accommodating presence. To use Rita Gross’ phrase, the Dakini is a powerful myth model for women. She is embodied, wild, compassionate, powerful and magical.

Throma_Black Dakini_Mayumi OdaWhen I think about the times we’re living in, what we must meet, and ways to transform the poisons in ourselves and the culture, I always return to the Dakinis.  This is an invitation to  enter this Mandala (womb)  each Full Moon on behalf of our own healing and that of all beings.

In this Mandala practice for Western non-Buddhist women, transmitted by Vicki Noble,  we will call to the Dakinis, through invocations, chanting, and visualization and then we will take refuge in their presence.

We will also chant the mantras of the Black Dakini, Throma, who with fierce compassion dissolves our most deeply entrenched patterns of suffering and thus ways we  cause suffering. If you have received transmission of the practice from me or Vicki then simply register and come to Earth Spirit Council House on any of the dates below. If not, you will need a two hour introduction from me.

We will begin with a brief sharing, the soul retrieval Dakini MachicLapdronMandala and end with the Throma mantras accompanied by drumming and then a silent meditation from 30-45 minutes. Bring something for the altar that you will take home with you. Also, the Dakinis and Spirits love altar offerings of flowers, stones, shells, tobacco, etc. etc.

If you’d like to speak to someone who has been doing this practice to hear their experience over time, let me know. Cost for two hour transmission teaching and practice book is $50.

For group coherence, I am asking you to pre-register for nine of the twelve sessions.

Cost for the year of Full Moon Mandala Practice is a slide from  $150-220.  Pay  as close to the top of the slide as you can, all monies  support costs to run Earth Spirit Council House. Please register by December 15st. If weather causes us to cancel, I will add additional time at the end of the year.

If this is prohibitive to anyone, please contact me, as no one is turned away for financial reasons. Please send a check to Nora Jamieson, 8 Stone Meadow Lane, Collinsville, CT  06019. For information, call me at 860-693-9540 or send an email using the contact button above.

Blessings and A La La Ho!  Maha Sukha Ho!  (Great Bliss, Isn’t it Wonderful!)

Introduction: Two hours – time TBA depending on need.

Dates: 7 to 9 p.m.
Friday, February 10
Sunday, March 12
Tuesday, April 11
Wednesday, May 10
Friday, June 9
July – on vacation, women may gather without me
Monday, August 7
Wednesday, September 6
Thursday, October 5

Friday, November 3

Sunday,  December 3

Monday, January 1st