The Medicine of the Soul

Women’s Sanctuary in Her Name
December 7th, 9-5, teaching
December 8th, private sessions

Are you in a process of always trying to heal yourself?  Are you tired of trying every new remedy, every treatment, every spiritual practice and yet you still have a physical body, like our world, that is out of balance?

Winter Robinson

Our deepest potential for healing both ourselves and the future lies in our willingness to let go of our drive to control, our ability to listen to guidance, and our desire to act on this information. Our ego’s drive to make happen, to heal ourselves, to heal the planet, falls away as we learn where we are not “letting go,” but rather doing our best to control the outcome from our outdated belief systems. Consider that what happens in our bodies is what is happening in the world. A significant change in global consciousness is taking place and we are being asked to (collectively) be this change.

We return to the sacred and the spiritual during this one-day retreat as we learn to wait in silence for our internal messages. In that space we reconnect parts of ourselves, discover our own powers to connect with others, and listen to what our physical bodies tell us. Guided exercises through your individual headsets help you sense the complete patterns within yourself and reach a state of “knowing.” This knowing allows discovery of a different way of being, a different approach to healing: body, mind, spirit and the earth.

Being in this state takes intention, relaxation, and practice. It allows for miracles, far beyond what our mind can conceive. This is the true nature of healing—living the flow of life that we are.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Learn stress reduction and better problem-solving skills
  • Discover their control issues
  • Learn stress reduction and better problem-solving skills
  • Sharpen their awareness of synchronicities
  • Examine big dreams (personal and collective), daydreams and visions and create dream-like experiences to help discover the messages from our Soul.

In this remarkable one-day class, author, teacher, consultant and medical intuitive Winter Robinson will facilitate the “listening” and the letting go process. A specialist in facilitating the intuitive process, multi-sensory development, and exploring human consciousness, Winter will guide you through a progression of exercises and techniques to develop, expand and strengthen your intuitive abilities.

A board-certified therapist, Winter received her Master of Education degree from the University of Virginia. She began her career as a therapist at the Addiction Research Foundation, Toronto, and later headed up a pilot study facilitating medical intuition to medical students at Brown University. For many years Winter was a residential trainer and a research subject at The Monroe Institute lab. She currently teaches Medical Intuition and Symbolic Dis-ease there. To learn more about Winter visit her website at

For more information please call Nora Jamieson: 860-693-9540.

The cost of the teaching day is $100. And for private sessions $150 an hour.

To hold your place please send a $50 deposit to:

Nora Jamieson
8 Stone Meadow Lane, Canton, CT 06019