Moon Cycle

The Moon’s Cycle is deeply tied to the flow and ebb of our Mother Ocean, Women’s physical and emotional tides, and our most ancient spiritual rites throughout the world.  Whether science confirms this relationship or not, the Moon has moved us to create the magic of poetry, art, story, and spiritual practices throughout history, in every ancient culture.  And in many places is celebrated still.

I chose to publish these pieces at the Dark and Full Moons, in honor of this relationship and in memory of our rich gatherings here on Women’s Temple land for many years, honoring womanhood and the Holy Moon cycles. The cycles of waxing to fullness and waning to turning inward, to releasing.

August 27th falls on the Dark of the Moon also marking my mother’s birthday, Miriam Carson Jamieson.  In her Elder years, she wrote, that “the most important thing in life is the mystical.”  Astonished, these words were gifted to me just after her death.  I was thirty-nine years old and they opened the door to find my way into the Mystical realm that has always called me.  It seems only natural that the first sharing from Abiding, At The Edge of the Mystery falls on her birthday.

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Thank you for this, Nora. The longer I live, the more I realize the truth of your mother’s words and belief. Your mother’s daughter, for sure. Many blessings along with appreciation, love and respect.

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