A Day with Deena Metzger

deena_home219 Ways to the Fifth World and Dreams

Deena Metzger
Elder, Writer, Wisdom Teacher
At Earthspirit Council House, Collinsville, CT

I am delighted to again invite you to a day of Council with Deena Metzger.

From Deena—The changes we are called to make so that the earth and all beings might survive are extensive and extreme. They require comprehensive and global shifts of consciousness and activity. No one is exempt from such a challenge. As extreme at this time, as are the dangers to all, are the signs of possibility we witness and experience each day.

These are 19 ways that have been communicated to me over the years. They are certainly not the only ways but it seems that each one is essential. They represent a significant change in consciousness from seeking development or vision for oneself to seeking out the precise offering one is being asked to make on behalf of the future. It could take a lifetime to apprentice oneself to even one such way of transformation. We are called to meet each one of them – and perhaps more. We may be called to commit ourselves to recognizing and understanding the nature of each of these, as best as we can. Each day we have less time to enter these sacred ways. As they indicate, these are Ways that can best be realized in community, that is, with each other. Basic to entering and securing a 5th World are alliances with all beings and following the teachings of Spirit.

From Nora—This day is open to women and men and to both those who gathered with Deena in April and newcomers. If you are new to her work, please read 19 Ways to the Fifth World on her blog Ruin and Beauty at deenametzger.wordpress.com.
Details: Monday, October 15, 2012, 9:30 gathering time. Council 10 – 5 PM. Bring a bag lunch, tea is provided. Cost: A slide from $100 – $75 for the day. Please be as generous as possible to support the work. If you are called to be here but the cost is
prohibitive, please write or call me. For information: call Nora at 860-693-9540 or
send an email using the contafct button on the menu bar. Please send a non-refundable $40 deposit to Nora Jamieson, 8 Stonemeadow Lane, Collinsville, CT 06019 by September 30th. This deposit will hold your place. Feel free to contact me.

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