Caring for Our Dead

Reclaiming a Loving Tradition

Peg Brochure Hands PictureUntil relatively recently, people almost always cared for deceased loved ones at home. This experience, while sad, is ultimately healing and beautiful. Beginning the grieving process in the privacy of our homes allows for sharing and support on a deeper level.

You can care for your loved one at home. You may not realize that:

  • Embalming is not required
  • A family may keep the body of the deceased at home (3 days is usual)

Come learn more with Peg Lorenz at Earthspirit Council House on February 28, 2015 in Canton, CT – 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

This program will introduce you to home wakes and funerals. It will describe the enormous personal benefits that come with this profound moment in a family’s life. It will also include the legal facts and logistical details. There will be time for discussion, questions, and answers. An excerpt from the PBS documentary “A Family Undertaking,” which follows the story of four families who chose home funerals, will be shown. The final hour will include a hands-on demonstration for those who are interested in the details of a home wake, such as bathing, dressing, cooling and carrying the body.

Peg Lorenz PhotoThis workshop will be led by Peg Lorenz, home funeral guide, consultant and founder of Peaceful Passage at Home. Peg has 20 years of experience with hospice care. Peg is on the Board of Directors of the National Home Funeral Alliance and is Chair of the Legislative Committee. She has a certificate in end-of-life care from the University of Southern Maine and has completed the training taught by Crossings: Caring for Our Own at Death, a source center for home funeral care. She is a member of the Threshold Choir, a volunteer group that sings at bedsides of people who are dying.

To register, contact Nora L. Jamieson via email using the contact button above or by calling 860-693-9540

There is no charge for this offering, donations gladly accepted. Registration is limited.

This offering is in honor of Susan Snyder Jorgenson who gave us the privilege and honor of caring for her.

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