Women’s Council


Traditionally, Council is a gathering where all voices and wisdoms are brought to bear on the question or inquiry that is before the Council. We weave memories, dreams, the mysterious, ancestors, spirits, and stories into the Council to guide us in this exploration. 

Each month, usually on a Sunday, there will be a Women’s Council from 1-5 PM, where we will enter into dedicated Sacred time, spend time in silence, sing and share dreams and stories, and hold a particular question as a way to open to wisdom. Please read my essay, “Women’s Spirituality on the Threshold” where I speak about the work of Temple and the kind of questions we might hold in our circle.

Please bring your journals, dreams, any stories or events that leap aboard. We need at least six women to hold the Council, no more than nine – and while the group isn’t the same each month, the more you attend regularly, the richer the Council becomes.