Holy Longing


sisters“Holy Longing” in Sisters Singing: Blessings, Prayers, Art, Songs, Poetry & Sacred Stories by Women, edited by Carolyn Brigit Flynn, Forward by Deena Metzger (Santa Cruz, CA: Wild Girl Publishing, 2009). ISBN 978-0-972814-62-1, 401 pages, $24.95

This magical book is a well of blessings. Sit beside it, let down your bucket. Open it anywhere and you will hear their voices. Your sisters are singing, praying, murmuring stories, telling us, in a thousand ways, what we most need to know: that we belong to each other and to the living Earth.   Joanna Macy, author of World as Lover, World as Self.

You can purchase Sisters Singing directly from the book’s website or through your local independent bookstore. You can also order it online at Amazon.

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