Full Moon September 10, 2022 November, 2018 Shattered by grief, betrayed by her body’s failure to withstand the absence of her Beloved, she lays on the ground, prostrates herself to the agony she cannot fix.  Her body crazed like old fragile pottery.  Hands reach from nowhere, holding her pieces together, one rests on the back…Continue readingCrucifixion 

This Woman Needs Saving

Dark Moon August 27, 2022 October 29, 2018 She is a few months away from a year.  A year since he died.  This is her first painting group.  She is drained, as though her blood, her heart, everything is gutted.  Hands shake, heart races, tears fall.  Elisabeth greets her tenderly.  Seats her at a table.…Continue readingThis Woman Needs Saving