Astrology Workshop


With Kathy Meetz at Earthspirit Council House
Sunday, September 30, 3-5PM, and October 7, 2012, 1-3 PM
$20. Per class, Women and Men Welcome
Introduction, the Zodiac, Signs, Planets
The Horoscope, Reading the Ephemeris, Planets
In Each Sign, Archetypes and Interpretation
Drawing up a Chart, Houses, Planets in Houses
Archetypes for Interpretation and Discussion
Personal Charts and Discussion

 Studying astrology has enabled me to come to a rich under-standing of my SELF and then how I relate to and interact with the GREATER COSMIC energies and truths. The teachings and practice of astrology have not been lost as much as forgotten, and I want to be a part of teaching us how to re-member our connection to the universe around us as well as the universe within.

As Above, So Below

Explore the heavenly mysteries through the language of astrology.

For Further Information Please Contact
Kathy Meetz 860-201-4614